I am a painter, textile artist, and clothing designer living and working in Minneapolis, MN. My artistic pursuits have evolved over time, beginning with darkroom photography, progressing into printmaking, then drawing and painting, and finally textile art and clothing design. These days I split my time between painting and designing clothing and textiles.

The freedom, immediacy, and visceral satisfaction I feel while painting fills up my soul in the very best way. In early 2019 I presented a new body of paintings, titled HOME, at Gallery 360 in Minneapolis. For this series I sought to bring joy, peace, and calm to my viewers, soothing the effects of a harsh and frenetic world.

My studio in the Northrup King building has regular events, check out the schedule here. You can also find a selection of work - both 2D and handmade garments - at Gallery 360. Check out my entirely handmade clothing line, ACG.

1500 Jackson St. NE Suite 373

Minneapolis, MN 55413